Haaaave you met…me?

I have some friends who’ve been asking me to start writing some stuff for a while now. I like writing stuff, but I didn’t really ever think about doing it in a bloggish way. Partly because my brother says blogs are dumb. He’s cool and I am not, so I tend to believe him when he says something is dumb. Anyway, here we are.

My “vision”, or whatever, for this is to have it mirror my life as closely and honestly as possible. I love a lot of things, and I tend to lean towards the hyperbolic, so I’m OBSESSED with a lot of things. I really love Jesus. Expect a lot of Jesus here. What He’s teaching me, how He’s blessing me, how He’s bending me to help me grow, etc. I love coffee. I’ll probably talk a lot about coffee. I have an intense relationship with food. It’s the longest relationship I’ve ever been involved in. I love reading. That’s my second longest relationship. I seriously love Christmas. Like a lot. I’m not joking. I’m into all things art-related. Music, film, TV, theatre, etc. A few other interests include being Southern, having a cup of tea, teaching, whimsical mugs, painting (poorly), sketching (even more poorly), crafting (hit or miss), cat videos, pictures of baby animals, old things, new things, making old things look new, making new things look old, traveling, Garden & Gun, Southern Living, watching people, interesting dresser pulls, interior design, and skinny jeans and flats.

There will be much to discuss. I hope you like discussing. I would suggest reading each new post with a cup of coffee. As far as you know, I’ll be writing each one with a cup of coffee. So basically, we can have coffee together. Which is fantastic.

another coffee


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