Friendship is one of my favorite things. I absolutely LOVE to hear about other people’s friendships partly because I know how much joy I get in telling people about my own. God is seriously cool for a lot of reasons, but the fact that He created such a thing as friendship just really makes me glad. Our Jesus even chose to walk with friends during His earthly ministry. We NEED friends.

I have the really cool privilege of having friends that I have known since I was a mere tot. We have a lot of good stuff to remember and laugh about. We’ve also been around for pretty much all of the dumb choices each other has made over the years. It’s really fun.

Since my BFF Harrison just got home for leave from the big bad army for a couple of weeks, I’ve been dwelling on what friendship means. How come some people are just really well-suited to staying friends for a lifetime? Why do some friendships come and go? I really don’t know the all-encompassing answer. Maybe some of you can help me out. I do know what’s gone wrong in some friendships that I’ve lost, but others that have just fallen away, I can’t say. As I get older though, I find that praying for my friendships and truly nurturing them is of the highest importance. I love praying for my friends.

Anyway, I hope that you have friendships that make you laugh when you’re by yourself in a quiet place like church or the doctor’s office just by thinking about silly stuff your friends have said or done. Below I’d like to share some of my favorite pictures with my oldest friends. Also, I’d like to share this video of my favorite author Pat Conroy with his two oldest friends. They have breakfast or lunch together every week. And they’re (dare I say it) OLD MEN. This is what my dream looks like.

frands 3

frands 4

frands 5

frands 6

frands 7


frands again


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