I’m beginning to detect a trend. Jesus is so good to me. That’s a fairly general statement to make, but for real. He’s so good.

A man I love died a couple of hours ago. His name is Robert Strunk, and he changed me. He was my senior English teacher, but he was also my greatest inspiration. It is because of him that I write and that I love literature and art. He is a monument for me.

I got to spend a considerable amount of time with him just 9 days ago. We talked about England and William Wordsworth and Oxford. We talked about my upcoming trip to Europe, and he was just as excited about me going as I am. He wanted to hear all about it when I got back. We took a picture.

So this trend. Over the years, many people whom I love have gone home. On more than one occasion, God has given me the gift of time. The last conversation I had with Mr. Strunk was a gift. Before my cousin Jared died a the age of 19, God granted me several hours with just him and my brother. No other loud family members were around: it was just us. Before my uncle died, God gave us this one night where his usually alcohol-muddled mind was so clear that it was as if he’d never been affected by the stuff. The whole family was together, and we laughed, and told stories, and enjoyed each other. Before my grandfather died, I spoke with him on the phone and he told me about the angels that filled his room at that very moment. It was tremendous to experience his home-going in that way. Before my beloved student Jessi went home, he stopped on his way to class to give me a big, long hug and tell me he loved me. Two days later he was with Jesus.

Oh, this Jesus is sovereign. And oh, this Jesus is love. It’s amazing to look back and see what He’s done. I feel very humbled to think about these precious gifts of time. I am so broken and unworthy of His love. We all are. But I want you to know that He doesn’t see us that way. I want you to know that He can’t see anything but love. These gifts that He gives us are given because He loves us in a tremendous way. And so right now, I hope you can fathom your worth.

mr strunk


2 thoughts on “Sovereign

  1. Beautifully written, Brittany. I know you are so sad about Mr. Strunk.I love you.”Ms. Sandra” PS- It’s about time for another “session” together, don’t you think?


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